Health Education

To improve children's awareness of keeping good health, we provide health educational lessons.

Sports Development

For healthier lives and sports development in Cambodia,  we give opportunities to play sports.

Cultural Exchange

To celebrate growing friendship between Cambodia & Japan, we create attractive cultural programs.

Who we are:

Registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia as a Non Profit Organisation in October 2014. 

THF Family

 Joins us, THF Family for charitable work


THF has cooperated activities with other organisations. 

Mission Statement:

Three Hearts Foundation focuses its charitable work on three distinct social issues that profoundly impact qualities of life.

Health Education:

To help Cambodian youth develop positive attitudes about health on all fronts - physical, mental, emotional and social through innovative programs. To prepare them for healthy lives free of diseases and dangerous addictions. To be an environmental friend for communities in preserving ecosystems and raising awareness of public hygiene.

Cultural Exchange:

To impress upon the youth the value of diversity and richness in culture and promote the inter-cultural bond between Cambodia and Japan.

Sports Development:

To use this great platform to empower the youth and bring communities together.